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OnPoint Perspectives Breakdown of DOE’s 2023 Cybersecurity & Technology Innovation Conference

The 2023 Department of Energy (DOE) Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation Conference brought together experts and stakeholders from all over government and industry to discuss key ideas surrounding cybersecurity, innovation, technology’s role in empowering the workforce, and critical infrastructure.

With OnPoint being a leader in delivering technology solutions and innovation to critical infrastructure government agencies, the conference was an opportunity to share best practices and increase collaboration between industry and intergovernmental.  

In this OnPoint Perspectives, OnPoint Consulting’s Greg DeLoache and Pete Tseronis of Dots and Bridges recap their experiences, insights, and takeaways from their time in Minneapolis.

Importance of Collaboration Across the Ecosystem:

The need for collaboration across industry and government to address contemporary challenges impacting citizens and foreign partners was emphasized throughout the conference. Government representatives from various agencies, including the White House and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), provided valuable insights into the importance of taking a collaborative approach to solving the urgent challenges of our times. James Wolff, Chief Information Officer of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), underscored this point by saying, “You can’t overstate the importance of public-private partnerships.”

Wolff’s comments really resonated with Greg because in this ecosystem the importance of all types of collaboration cannot be overstated. As Greg puts it “public-public partnerships or private-private partnerships, whether that be a certain agency talking to another agency or OnPoint, a services company teaming with an innovative product company to really deliver that best product and service we can support the mission.” These are all critical to meeting the needs of the American public, and when it comes to cybersecurity, especially the need for a collaborative approach becomes even more essential.

Integration of Cybersecurity:

OnPoint’s expertise and 30+ years of experience working as a cybersecurity network enterprise systems integrator aligns well with the energy sector and the department’s mission needs. Speakers throughout the conference highlighted the importance of integrating cybersecurity into the foundation of information and operational technology along with the innovation process and workforce development. Cybersecurity must be a fundamental part of all these areas to ensure comprehensive protection, especially for our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Understanding Mission Priorities:

OnPoint’s commitment to understanding our partners’ specific missions and needs is something our team takes pride in. As we like to say, we do our homework to ensure we come to the table as knowledgeable as possible for our partners across the ecosystem.

We strive to realize the goals of our partners, with Clare Martorana, Federal Chief Information Officer at OMB, Executive Office of the President, emphasizing that a goal for government “is to maximize the impact of every dollar we spend.” The only way this can be done is through understanding individual mission priorities as without that understanding you simply cannot maximize your impact. As specific needs require a specific customized solution or else, they will not be maximally efficient or effective in meeting the needs of our partners and by extension the needs of the American public more broadly.

Technology Landscape and Innovation:

The conference showcased a broad range of innovative tools and products in the cybersecurity field, touching on emerging technologies such as the cloud and AI/ML. The growing presence of exhibitors demonstrated the advancements being made in software, platforms, and tools to deliver the best solutions.   

Closing Thoughts

Conferences like this provide an open forum to hear the needs and priorities of the federal leaders who are implementing critical solutions on the ground. This facilitates a deeper understanding of how OnPoint can continue to be a trusted partner to government agencies by delivering a combination of the best tools, products, and people, to provide optimal support in fulfilling mission objectives and address the evolving challenges in the energy sector and beyond.

We also would like to thank Ann Dunkin, Chief Information Officer at the Department of Energy, and her team for their incredible work putting this whole event together. If you would like to learn more about this topic or other thought leadership, our episodes of OnPoint’s Perspectives are posted on our LinkedIn and our website.    

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