Opportunities that deliver impact

We are the people who are supporting the security of our nation, the delivery of critical services and information, and improving outcomes for the American public. We are OnPoint.

Meet Our People

“During my more than 20 years at OnPoint, I’ve been able to stay on the leading edge of technology innovation as a trusted advisor for government leaders.”
David Hefter – Senior Program Manager, FSO/ITPSO

“OnPoint customer service and career enhancement opportunities are second to none.”
Ray Hudgens – CRC Functional Manager

“The management team at OnPoint really seems to care for and about their employees. I feel part of a great team that supports my efforts and strives for success.”
Paul Montas – AOC Functional Manager

Our Culture

Learning & Development

To stay ahead of emerging trends and technology, our people have dedicated time and resources for ongoing learning and continuing education. We believe this is essential to both being able to provide personalized career paths, and growth opportunities for our people, as well as being the trusted partners our customers need.

Diversity, Equity &, Inclusion

Our people are our strength. We are dedicated to a workplace where all perspectives can be voiced, equally. To do the type of work we do, we need the diversity in all of us to be included.

OnPoint Gives Back

Our people are active in the communities in which we live. Each month, our Gives Back program supports non-profits and provides opportunities for our people with the time and tools to be involved in causes that are personal to them.