From protecting our nation at home to ensuring disaster resilience, we support how federal agencies are able to leverage technology to combat terrorism, enable and understand critical intelligence, rapidly deliver important services, and modernize systems required for a secure world.

Department of State

Enabled worldwide enterprise reporting for improved decision-making

To meet the critical reporting demands of the Department of State Consular Affairs office, which relies on one of the largest Oracle databases, the OnPoint team improved how the agency leverages data as a strategic decision-making asset. This included providing worldwide enterprise reporting across database and data warehouse design services, and ensuring the data warehouse’s physical and logical designs conform with DoS’s architectural and software development life cycle (SDLC) requirements. The team also provided improved reporting with “power user” query capabilities, executive-level dashboards, and data visualizations by leveraging Machine Learning (ML) to crunch that data and provide near real-time results, resulting in improved performance with new, more flexible, and powerful search tools, as well as analytical engines to support predictive modeling. Ultimately, queries that once ran in 4-6 hours now take less than 40 seconds.

Featured Capabilities: Enterprise Systems & Implementation Management

Department of State

Enabling data to be securely shared as a strategic asset

To enable data to be securely shared intra-agency and with other agencies, OnPoint is helping the Department of State in moving data from a cloud portal to the agency’s network, connecting the data to the right users, and in converting it into the correct format for use. The team is also providing programming support to other ongoing efforts to establish a hybrid Cloud/on-site house application modernization effort and is providing support, maintenance and troubleshooting, and additional coding for all legacy applications.

Featured capabilities: Enterprise Systems & Implementation Management

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