David Hefter

People Success & Senior Program Manager, FSO/ITPSO

David has been with OnPoint for over 20+ years performing a variety of roles which have contributed to OnPoint’s success, including the development of the Quality program and ITSM processes. David is focused on project operations for the Air Force, Department of State, and Department of Commerce, and has been PMP-certified since 2006. David is also responsible for managing OnPoint’s Industrial Security Program and ensuring compliance with the variety of NISPOM, FOCI mitigation, and contract regulation requirements. OnPoint’s security program was recognized as an industry leader when in 2021, the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) awarded OnPoint a James S. Cogswell Award. OnPoint was one of only 40 companies to achieve this honor for 2021!

When not providing project operations or FSO/ITPSO support, David and his wife enjoy using their swim spa and riding their Harley Davidson Trike while making new adventures.