WEBINAR: OnPoint Insights: “Taking Security Seriously – OnPoint, DCSA, and Protecting Our National Security” Episode 2

OnPoint Consulting, Inc. was a recipient of the 2021 DCSA James S. Cogswell Award!  Pete Tseronis (Dots and Bridges) moderates a conversation with Quantoinette Abney of DCSA and Stephanie Hefter and Tim Smith of OnPoint about the importance of public-private partnership and the significance of the award. Ms. Quantoinette D. Abney is currently serving as[…]

AI/ML Industry Solutions to Solve Federal Requirements

OnPoint has been busy investigating ways to move the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the commercial sector into the federal workspace. Read more on this White Paper titled ‘AI/ML Industry Solutions to Solve Federal Requirements’ written by Dean Allred and David Hefter. AI ML Industry Solutions to Solve Federal Requirements

WEBINAR: OnPoint Insights: “Trusting Partnership and Developing Culture” Episode 1

“Culture” Is What Matters. Listen to Samara Schulman and Pete Tseronis discuss partnerships and culture in the IT Federal Government world. Samara Schulman is OnPoint’s Director of Business Operations which includes managing Contracts, Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Legal, and Recruiting. She brings 15+ years of experience in financial analysis, project management, and recruiting, and holds PMP,[…]

OnPoint Wins Prestigious Security Award

OnPoint is thrilled to be selected as a winner of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s (DCSA) 2021 Cogswell Award!  The Cogswell Award is the most prestigious honor DCSA can bestow to cleared industry.  Of the more than 13,000 cleared contractors in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), less than 1% are annually selected to[…]

Hybrid VPN

As more and more organizations are seeking to avoid vendor lock in and take advantage of specific cloud provider services, hybrid environments are becoming more popular.  Being able to seamlessly and securely communicate between disparate environments is critical to streamlined operation.  This guide walks through the process of creating a site to site virtual private[…]

Infrastructure as Code

The ability to set up cloud infrastructure using code (IaC) has greatly increased repeat ability, consistency, and audit ability of managing your environment.  The following paper provides an overview of the concept of IaC, and how to get started using it in a multi-cloud environment. Infrastructure as Code