Defending the Cloud: Considerations for Enterprise Migration

Enterprise migration to the cloud is entering a period of dramatic growth.  During this shift to cloud infrastructure, enterprises must consider and plan for how they will protect their sensitive corporate and personnel information before, during, and after this operational transformation.  This paper describes the challenge of defending an enterprise – during and after- its[…]

Energy Efficiency and Availability Management in Consolidated Data Centers

By: Dr. Fred Messing The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) was driven by the recognition that growth in the number of Federal data centers was an inefficient use of Federal resources. Consolidation offers the prospect of expanding information technology benefits while reducing their costs to align with declining budget forecasts. Each consolidated data center[…]

Cloud Computing Acceleration Point

By: Dr. Fred Messing Cloud computing has likely reached the market adoption acceleration point signaling a period of dramatic growth of this transformational operating model for enterprise information infrastructure. Cloud computing will expand from its base of software services to infrastructure services hosting core business operations and data. The confluence of experience and success with[…]